Add your own photos to "My Computer" properties

Whenever you open "My Computer" properties, you will see a default Windows logo with some information about the configuration of the system. To this properties, you can add your own image and your own information to it.

Now lets come to the main part - adding your own image and information to the My Computer properties.

+ Open a new notepad file and copy the following code in it.


Manufacturer="Your company name"
Model=Intel® Core™2 Duo

[Support Information]

Line1= address
Line2= your ph number
Line3= Your email or website

+ In the above code, information under General will be displayed when you open 'My Computer' properties and the information under Support Information will be displayed when you click Support Information button.

+ Under this Support Information you can have add any number of lines, Line1 Line2 Line3 Line4 Line5 ... with some information.

+ Now save the notepad file as oeminfo.ini and copy it in the system32 folder.

+ Then open your favourite image and save it as oemlogo.bmp and copy this bmp file in the system32 folder.

+ See the My Computer properties now. You can see your own image and information present in it.

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Hide system clock from toolbar in XP

System clock can be hide easily in the toolbar.This is a simple trick to hide the system clock in the notification area(known as system tray) in the toolbar.

Follow the steps ..

+ Open run -> regedit

+ Navigate to the path :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion \Policies

+ Here under policies, if Explorer key is created default, then click on it.If it is not present by default, click policies and in the right box, right click -> new key and give the name Explorer for it.Now click on the Explorer.

+ Now in the right box,right click -> new DWORD value and give it the name HideClock.

+ Right click on Hideclock and click modify.Enter the value as 1 and click OK.

+ Restart the sytem and it is DONE ... !!

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