Auto delete temporary folder in windows

Generally in our systems,many temporary files are created which are useless and occupies much space in the hard disk.Many of us do not delete the temporary files which causes the system to slow up and eats up the space in hard disk.

Actually we can delete the temporary files manually by typing %temp% in run and delete all the files in the folder.But these temporary files can be deleted automatically whenever it is created in xp.

Follow the steps :

+Go to run and type gpedit.msc

+Navigate through :

Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/WindowsComponents/Terminal Services/Temporary Folder

+Then right click "Do Not Delete Temp Folder Upon Exit" and go to properties and hit disable.

Now from next time when Windows puts a temp file in that folder it will be automatically deleted when it is created.

Share your experiences here in the comments after performing this cool trick.

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