Change the icon of removable disk..

The removable disk has a default look.This default look of the removable drives can be changed by a simple trick.Follow the steps to change the icon ..

+ Select your favourite picture which u want to set for the icon of removable disk.

+ Save the selected image as anyname.ico (How to do is open the picture in mspaint. and save as anyname.ico).Make sure that selected image is small.
(OR) You can download any icon and name it.

+ Open note pad and copy the following code.


+ Here label indicates the name of ur removable disk and icon indiactes the name of your icon.

+ Now save is notepad file as autorun.inf.

+ Copy both files (autorun.inf and Icon file) to your removable drive. You can make both files as hidden.

Now unplug the drive and connect it back to USB and now you can see the icon of your removable disk.Thats it!!

NOTE : The name of the icon you created and the name in the 3rd line of code must be same.

You can also set the background picture for your removable disk.This trick is explained in my previous article "Set background picture for any drive in windows".

Share your experiences in the comments ...

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