Set background picture for any folder in XP without any software

Previously I had written
a post about how to

In the above article we can change the background picture only for drives but not the folders.

But, this can be done with a simple notepad trick.

+ Open notepad and copy the following code in it.

iconarea_text= 0x00FFFFFF

+ Here IconArea_Image represents the path of your picture and iconarea_text represents the color of the text.

+ In the iconarea_text the last 6 letters ( 0x00FFFFFF ) represents the color code.

You can get all the color codes here ->
+ Now save the notepad file in the folder where you need the background picture and the notepad should be saved as DESKTOP.INI

+ Now change the icon of that folder by right click on it and click properties.Then go to customize tab and click change icon.Here change the icon of your wish.

+ Click ok and close.

Now you can see the selected picture as background in the folder.

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Change the thumbnail size of photos in XP without any software

Wanna change the thumbnail view size of your photos in XP .. !! This can be done by a simple registry trick without any software.

Follow the steps here to change the size :

+ Open run -> regedit

+ In registry navigate to :

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Microsoft \ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Explorer

+ In the right side box, right click -> new -> DWORD Value

+ Give it the name ThumbnailSize

+ Right click on ThumbnailSize and click modify.

+ Now change the value data to any number between 20 to 100 (in hexadecimal) or between 32 to 256 (in decimal).

Done .. !! Your thumbnail size will change as your desired size.

Normal thumbnail view size :

When value is changed to 32(in decimal) :

When value is changed to 144(in decimal) :

When value is changed to 256(in decimal) :

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Set background picture to gtalk chat window

It will be crazy if we can set our own picture as background for the gtalk chat window.This can be done with a small application ' my theme ' which i had found while surfing.

+ Download the application from here.

+Install the application and navigate through start -> all programs -> dash -> my theme -> click change background.

+ Choose your favorite picture from the window.

+ Exit and reopen the gtalk.Go to settings -> appearance -> from drop down menu, select my theme and click ok.

DONE .. !! Open a chat window and you can see the background picture for it.

You can insert amazing emoticons in the gtalk (see in pic) . The shortcuts for these emoticons can be seen here :
start -> all programs -> dash -> my theme -> click Help

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Set recycle bin to delete files in it automatically

The Recycle Bin is the special folders of windows on the hard disk to store deleted files and folders. These files or folders can be restored from the Recycle Bin to their original location if required for use.

But you can set the Recycle Bin setting that the files and folders are deleted from hard disk are not placed in the Recycle Bin. So with the help of windows registry editor you can set the Recycle Bin to always delete items.

Jus follow the steps :

+ First click on Start button then type Regedit in Run option.

+ Navigate to the following path :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Explorer\BitBucket

+ Here in right side panel, double click on NukeOnDelete and set its value 1.

+ Now close the registry editor and restart your computer after any changes to go into effect.

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